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    Kazakhstan ePacket of Sai Cheng Lane Launched
2017/8/18  Clicks:66  
Kazakhstan ePacket of Sai Cheng Lane Launched
Kazakhstan is one of the major countries alongside the "One Belt, One Road" route with huge market potentials in cross border e-commerce business and promising cooperation with Chinese merchants.There werealready as many as 4 million parcels delivering from China to Kazakhstanin the year 2016.
In order to rapidly develop the Sino-Kazakhstan cross-border e-commerce delivery business, China Postal Express and Logistics Co.has decided tolaunch ePacket service to Kazakhstan as a Sai Cheng specialized lane with pilot sites in Beijing and UrumqifromAugust. This new product will significantly promotethe cross-border e-commerce business ofKazakhstanlane and enhance customers confidence and experience.
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